About Pir-Dev

We are a small iphone app making company. We make apps for fun and to help people make the most of their iPhone. We don't plan on becoming a major company any time soon, however we do intend to make some extremely useful apps which are free and easy to operate.

Our Team

Andrey Pirozhenko

CEO, Angel Investor

Kirill Pirozhenko

Senior Software Developer

Andrey is the angel investor and CEO who brings decades of technical expertise to steer the company in the right direction. He has succesfully built and run other businesses in the past. Kirill is our Senior Software Developer and currently second in command of Pir-Dev. It is he who writes all of the apps and battles with Apple's incredibly confusing interfaces. Although Kirill is still in high school, he manages to write fairly complex apps that aren't just your average fart button app. Besides iPhone apps, he also makes great websites such as this one and is deeply interested in video game design.